Stringing a Mala

Mala Stringing Tutorial

This is a simple step-by-step tutorial that will show you the basic technique used to string you Make it Yourself Mala.
(see the YouTube video below too)

Wet and mash down the cord tip

Step 1
You will want to wet and smash/fray the end of the cord. This will allow the cord-tip to enter and pass through the beads a lot more easily.


Cord tip in bead

Step 2
Capture just the tip of the cord with the cord-puller and snug it up against the bead hole. Depending on the size of the bead hole you will need to capture more or less of the cord tip. The smaller the hole is capture less of the tip – even a half or quarter of the tip.


Add more beads to the puller


Step 3
Once you have the first bead loaded and the cord tip snugged up to it you can go ahead and load more beads onto the cord puller.


Pull the beads on

Step 4
Using a pair of pliers start to gently pull the beads onto the cord. The idea is to always have the cord-tip embedded in a bead so that you can pause to load more beads onto the puller. The goal is to never have to re-capture the cord tip, but you might need to as every now and then it slips. Repeat this until all 108 beads are strung.
(if your cord puller breaks hopefully you opted to buy the 5pk of extra ones!)


Cord puller – kinked tip

Step 5
The next step is to string the guru bead. The cord puller should have come with a small bend in the tip. If not go ahead and bend the tip like pictured. This angle will allow you to navigate the 45 degree turn inside the guru bead.


Cord puller in guru

Step 6
Feed the cord puller through one of the side holes and out the “down” hole. It should exit the hole that the tassel/charm would hang from.


Capture the cord

Step 7
Just like with the main beads capture the cord end with the loop of the cord puller. Again, the amount of cord you need to capture will depend on the hole size in the bead. You might need to capture just the tip again.


Pull the cord through


Step 8
Pull the cord all the way through the guru bead.


Repeat with the other side

Step 9
Pull the other side of the cord through the other side of the guru bead in the same manner.


Wood beads

Wood Beads
This isn’t really a step – this shows the difference in how to capture the cord for stringing main beads that have large holes like sandalwood.


Step 1

If you are adding a tassel or charm to your mala take a look at the “Tassel Making Tutorial” to see how to tie and add a tassel or charm.