What do I need to make a Mala?

This is a basic guide to teach you about the basic items you’ll need to make your own mala.

(a few quick links:)
Make it Yourself Mala Kits: DYI Mala Kit
Photo tutorial on MALA STRINGING
Photo Tutorial on ATTACHING A TASSEL

1) Main Beads
– These can be either stone beads or wood/seed beads. You’ll want to order at least 108 but I recommend you order 10 extra in case you lose one or more or if you don’t like the way one or more looks. If you are purchasing one of our DYI Mala Kits you will get 112 beads.

2) Cord
– I sell braided nylon mala cord in a variety of colors in either .8mm or 1.5mm. Both are sold by the linear foot. The .8mm will work in stone beads as well as wood/seed beads. The 1.5mm is thicker and stronger and will fit through most wood/seed beads. If buying wood/seed beads I’d recommend purchasing equal lengths of .8mm and 1.5mm cord just in case. If purchasing a DIY Mala Kit you will get .8mm cord but you can always add extra 1.5mm cord separately if you want.

3) Guru Bead
– Choose a Guru Bead that appeals to you or fits your needs. If you are going to string in 1.5mm cord you *must* opt for the larger guru bead hole (3mm). Every 5 guru beads comes with an essential Cord Puller (but more can be purchased here). If purchasing a DIY Mala Kit it will come with a 2mm hole since .8mm cord is included. Your guru bead will come pre-threaded with a cord puller.

4) Marker Beads
– If you want marker beads you can buy them here as well. Just as with the Main Beads they are sold individually and are from the same Loose Beads category.

5) End Piece
– I sell a large variety of charms and pendants to end your mala with. You can also finished it with a snake knot, tassel, or adjustable knot. There are many resources on the internet to learn how to tie these. See the photo tutorial on ATTACHING A TASSEL OR CHARM.

6) Cord Pullers
– As mentioned in Guru Bead above you will get a single Cord Puller with each guru bead. I do sell extras in packs of 5 and really recommend that you buy a 5pk. They are essential for pulling the cord through the beads. Just wet the cord end and smash the cord end. Then use the loop side of the cord puller to capture about 1/2 of the cord end as you pass the pointy end of the cord puller through the bead. Use a pair of pliers to gently pull the cord through the bead. You can load more than one bead onto the cord puller at a time. See the photo tutorial on STRINGING YOUR MALA.

7) Extra Needs
– A couple other items you will want to have in order to make your own mala are a pair of pliers and a lighter. The pliers are for using with the cord-puller as you string your beads. The lighter is to melt down the cord ends when you are done attaching a charm or tassel or if you plan on simply knotting after the guru bead. I’d recommend practicing melting a cord end before you string so that you know how fast it melts! Get the lighter at a Dollar Store (get one of the longer camping type lighters).

As always- if there is a bead type you want that is not listed on the website please feel free to contact me.

This is just a basic guide and is certainly not the end-all be-all of mala making guides. I hope you enjoy your experience in making your own mala 🙂

Build your own Mala Kit quickly here: DYI Mala Kit