I do not have a specific Wholesale Program but please use these discount codes based on order size and types of products ordered.

These discount codes apply to everything at the store INCLUDING MALA KITS:
50gets5       will get you 5% off when you purchase $50
100gets8     will get you 8% off when you purchase $100
200gets10   will get you 10% off when you purchase $200
250gets15   will get you 15% off when you purchase $250

These additional discount codes apply to everything at the store EXCLUDING MALA KITS:
300gets20   will get you 20% off when you purchase $300
400gets25   will get you 25% off when you purchase $400

You can enter the appropriate code while either viewing your Shopping Cart or at checkout. These coupon codes cannot be combined with each other and cannot be applied to Sale Items. 

These codes CANNOT be applied retroactively after a purchase. They MUST be applied at the time of checkout.